May 12 2022

Malaysia’s Borders Have Reopened. Is Your Business Ready?

Reading time ≈ 6 minutes

Malaysia has officially reopened its borders after nearly two years under the Covid-19 pandemic. With economists expecting an influx of eager consumers visiting the...

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Apr 25 2022

Chasing Malaysia's Next Super-App

Reading time ≈ 6 minutes

The dominance of apps as essential consumer platforms, especially when it comes to facilitating internet commerce, is growing rapidly all over the world. This phenomenon...

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Feb 15 2022

How Renewable Energy and Corporate Responsibility Impacts your Customers

Reading time ≈ 7 minutes

73 percent of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place, while 73 percent of investors state that efforts to...

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Dec 07 2021

What The Facebook Scandal Means to Your Customers

Reading time ≈ 6 minutes

Another day. Another Facebook scandal. At this point, we can all agree that Facebook is Facebook's Achilles heel. Back in 2018, Mark Zuckerberg's New Year's Resolution...

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Aug 23 2021

iOS 15: Is This It For E-Mail Marketing

Reading time ≈ 15 minutes

While the entire nation was hunkered down, eating and getting fat, Tim Cook and his people back at Apple spent their quarantine working on the latest version of the iOS....

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Jun 15 2020

Small Business Guide to Adjusting Your Email Marketing During COVID-19 Conditions

Reading time ≈ 9 minutes

Email is one of the backbones of modern business. Email is the most reliable synchronous message service on the web. It is used for every type of communication from...

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Jun 01 2020

Use Words That Sell to Convert Readers into Customers!

Reading time ≈ 5 minutes

The Art of the Sell As any writer worth their words knows, being able to construct your work to appropriately effect and impact your audience is one of the most valuable...

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May 18 2020

How to Succeed with Content Marketing

Reading time ≈ 4 minutes

Content marketing is the art of creating engaging and informative digital content from which potential customers can gain value. But where does the marketing come in? By...

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