Aug 23 2021

iOS 15: Is This It For E-Mail Marketing

Reading time ≈ 14 minutes

While the entire nation was hunkered down, eating and getting fat, Tim Cook and his people back at Apple spent their quarantine working on the latest version of the iOS....

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Jun 15 2020

Small Business Guide to Adjusting Your Email Marketing During COVID-19 Conditions

Reading time ≈ 9 minutes

Email is one of the backbones of modern business. Email is the most reliable synchronous message service on the web. It is used for every type of communication from...

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Jun 01 2020

Use Words That Sell to Convert Readers into Customers!

Reading time ≈ 5 minutes

The Art of the Sell As any writer worth their words knows, being able to construct your work to appropriately effect and impact your audience is one of the most valuable...

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May 18 2020

How to Succeed with Content Marketing

Reading time ≈ 4 minutes

Content marketing is the art of creating engaging and informative digital content from which potential customers can gain value. But where does the marketing come in? By...

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Nov 12 2019

6 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Reading time ≈ 4 minutes

In the last decade, blogging has come a long way from 'online journaling' and corporate resource pages. Not only does every modern marketing team need a professional...

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Oct 04 2019

Inbound Marketing 101

Reading time ≈ 5 minutes

Inbound marketing strategies are the most responsive, integrated, and appropriate means of connecting with potential clients and customers in today's fast-paced world of...

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Dec 24 2018

Google Analytics Gives Shape to Your Marketing Objectives

Reading time ≈ 2 minutes

Your first introduction to Google Analytics is akin to a blind date. You're full of anticipation of a great time while experiencing the dread of having to learn all the...

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Nov 28 2018

Top Ways to Generate Leads with Email Marketing

Reading time ≈ 3 minutes

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to get qualified leads and build lasting relationships with customers. For many businesses, the biggest challenge is to...

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