Aug 09 2018

6 Ways to Grow Your List Fast with Email Marketing

We see a lot of momentum with email marketing but it can start to be a drag when our list stops growing. You are reaching out to the same people over and over again and...

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Aug 08 2018

Are Emails Relevant For Apps With Push Notifications?

Many application developers wonder whether emails are still a viable form of marketing when push notifications are already enabled. This question arises primarily due to...

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Aug 02 2018

Learn About Wireframes Before Hiring a Web Developer

Hiring a reliable web developer is not easy, especially if you don't write code at all. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful articles on the internet that can guide...

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Aug 01 2018

Five Things to Consider when Building a Business Website

Websites are a company's digital store front. Today's customer now has more access than ever to research products and services, as well as compare pricing and...

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Jul 26 2018

Different Types of Emails You Can Send To Your Prospects

Marketing your business through emails is one of the easiest and affordable ways of maintaining new customers and attracting new prospects. So, if you have already taken...

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Jul 25 2018

The Relationship Between Email Subject Lines and Open Rates

It requires time and effort to come up with the perfect 50 to 125-word email copy, which may take about a minute or so to read. However, in not more than 5 seconds, the...

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Jul 19 2018

Three Tips to Optimise Call-To-Action Links in Emails

Emails are one of the best ways to contact your customer base directly. According to the DMA's Consumer Email Tracker Report 2017, 99% of people check their non-work...

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Jul 18 2018

3 Game-Shifting Web Development Trends Beyond 2018

Gone are the days when keeping the pace with the latest and futuristic web development and design trends used to be a matter of personal preference only. Today, a...

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