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How Renewable Energy and Corporate Responsibility Impacts your Customers

How Renewable Energy and Corporate Responsibility Impacts your Customers

Feb 15 2022

73 percent of consumers are motivated to purchase from companies committed to making the world a better place, while 73 percent of...

5G is Here

5G is Here. Here’s How It Will Affect You.

Feb 01 2022

There has been plenty of hype and speculation surrounding the much-anticipated rollout of 5G networks into the consumer market for a few...

8 Reasons Why You Need Website Live Chat Now

Apr 13 2020

When it comes to your website design, website live chat is one of the most sought after features. It can offer you a variety of benefits to...


8 Game-Changing Web Design Trends For 2020

Dec 30 2019

A couple years ago, HubSpot pushed more than a few web designers back on their heels with their game-changing article, 17 Things People...


6 Ways to Make Money with Your Blog

Nov 12 2019

In the last decade, blogging has come a long way from 'online journaling' and corporate resource pages. Not only does every modern...

Choose the right domain name

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

Mar 28 2019

Your website is an important part of your brand that anyone, anywhere, may access anytime. Your customers or clients finding you online and...

5 common mistakes when designing websites

5 Common Mistakes When Designing Websites

Feb 11 2019

Solid web design is simple, but not easy. There are some tested principles you can use to maximise your web presence. This post will...

Importance of Caronical URLs

The Importance of Canonical URLs in E-Commerce

Dec 28 2018

Did you know that any web page can be accessed using a variety of URLs? For example, our website's homepage https://www.weblite.com.my can...

Google Analytics Report

Google Analytics Gives Shape to Your Marketing Objectives

Dec 24 2018

Your first introduction to Google Analytics is akin to a blind date. You're full of anticipation of a great time while experiencing the...