Mar 28 2019

How to Choose the Right Domain Name

Your website is an important part of your brand that anyone, anywhere, may access anytime. Your customers or clients finding you online and relating to you starts with...

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Feb 11 2019

5 Common Mistakes When Designing Websites

Solid web design is simple, but not easy. There are some tested principles you can use to maximise your web presence. This post will examine five common mistakes people...

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Dec 28 2018

The Importance of Canonical URLs in E-Commerce

Did you know that any web page can be accessed using a variety of URLs? For example, our website's homepage can be reached...

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Dec 24 2018

Google Analytics Gives Shape to Your Marketing Objectives

Your first introduction to Google Analytics is akin to a blind date. You're full of anticipation of a great time while experiencing the dread of having to learn all the...

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Dec 12 2018

Choosing Between Open Source and Commercial Off the Shelf CMS

With a plethora of Content Management Systems (CMS) in the market, web design teams can find it challenging to choose the best CMS for building a website. The usability...

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Dec 06 2018

Web Design vs Web Development - Are They Different?

Nowadays the terms web design and web development are used interchangeably, but the truth is they are two completely different, but equally integral aspects of the...

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Nov 16 2018

Free Website Builder or Web Design Company: Which Is Better for Me?

The least expensive way to create a website is to use a free website builder. It limits what you can do, though. With custom web development, you get a personalised,...

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Nov 09 2018

Mastering the Sixty Second Internet Window

Getting the attention of a potential website visitor is becoming more challenging as time goes by. Studies show that a potential customer will view a site that he or she...

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