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Hiring a reliable web developer is not easy, especially if you don't write code at all. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful articles on the internet that can guide you through the whole hiring process. For instance, there is this article by Forbes on "How to Hire a Website Developer Even If You Don't Know Code."

Make sure you read this article before hiring a web developer. But before you do that, be ready to present your web designer with a wireframe.

Well, what comes to your mind when we use the word wireframe? Why is wireframing important in web development? Let's start here.

What is a website wireframe?

One of the articles published by Entrepreneur describes a website wireframe a visual layout that represents the skeletal and structural framework of a website. This visual layout doesn't require any image manipulation, text details or even coding itself. It merely involves putting a pencil sketches to a sheet of graph paper.

Still not getting? Let's use an example of a building. Usually, a building plan doesn't relay floor treatments, ceiling options, paint colors, tile selections and other details. A website wireframe, on the other hand, does not represent images, copy, fonts, colors and other website details.

There are several inspiring examples of web wireframe sketches that can give you a rough idea of what wireframe are.

Why is wireframing important in website development?

Creating wireframes for a website

Wireframes are used early in the website design process to establish the basic structure of a website page before content, and visual components such as images and videos are added. To emphasize the importance of this initial phase in a web development process, we have identified top reasons on why wireframing is vital in website development. Read on to learn more.

1. Wireframes visually display your site architecture

These basic drawings show the placement and position of visual elements on a single webpage. They map out where the content, images or videos will appear on a page. They turn the high-profile visual nature of website mockups into something tangible and straightforward without distractions.

2. They clarify the features of a website

There are hundreds of features that web development experts incorporate into your websites to enhance functionality. If you a newbie, you may not understand what these features entail. Providing a wireframe sketch can help us explain to you what these features are, where we intend to place them on a page and what benefits they bring to your website.

3. They make the web design process iterative

Research and planning during web design

Website development involves a wide range of aspects such as site layout, content creation, website branding and much more. Instead of combing all these aspects into one phase, wireframes ensures they are captured on a website one at a time. The ultimate goal of providing the basic drawing of your site is to enable us to collaborate with you for the sole purpose of giving feedback on what content is represented, its position and how it interacts with other elements on the site.

4. Wireframing saves time on the entire project

Last but not least, wireframing save time and communication on the whole project in many ways. For instance, they help us come up with more calculated designs, help our development team to understand what they are building and can help you avoid hacks later on in the process. In a nutshell, it brings everyone from the client and web design on the same page.

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