Three Tips to Optimise Call-To-Action Links in Emails

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Emails are one of the best ways to contact your customer base directly. According to the DMA's Consumer Email Tracker Report 2017, 99% of people check their non-work emails every day. That is a huge number of potential customers. For an email campaign to be successful and generate a good return on investment though, customers must act. They could google your company or search back through old contacts to follow up on messages, but they are very likely to get distracted or lose interest. The best way to engage with these customers is to build in a call to action hyperlink directly in the email.

It's quick and easy. Today's public wants that. The easier the better. So what can be done to get fingers tapping?


To get the best out of any campaign, the information sent needs to be pertinent, well-timed, and beneficial, yet the public perceives much of what's received as irrelevant. Responsive design and personalisation are vital to ensure the email campaign is useful and interesting to the recipients. Relevant content builds a trusted formula that leads to sales. Consider using the relevant point of interest in bold as one of the CTA hyperlinks.

Customer Journey

Identify your customer journey

If an email has been used to cover the whole customer journey, a different CTA is needed at each stage. Think about what might influence each step. What the benefits are that your product can deliver to this customer right now? Would they want more information? Linking to a contacts page might be best. If they have already purchased, perhaps they would like a service or upgrade. Link to specific items or blog post. If you are touching base to ensure they were satisfied with your product or service, link to a customer review page.

Intelligent Disruption

Imagine screaming, kicking feet and beet red cheeks in the supermarket sweetie aisle. You would remember that, but the toddler's use of unintelligent disruption probably didn't get any treats. A much better tool to use is an intelligent disruption. It's one of the hottest trends today. Intelligent disruption shakes up thoughts, juxtaposes unexpected things and gets ideas moving. Ask a few of the following questions to use it in your campaign.

  • What's new or unexpected about your work?
  • Are there racial, gender or economic issues your product or service could help? These subjects can be risky, but well-chosen risks can have big pay-offs.
  • Is there a way to connect your product or service with people socially?
  • How can your product or service provoke an emotional response? Can it be amplified?

Positive return on investment

Keeping the following keywords in mind as you craft your next email marketing campaign can ensure a much higher click rate and improved return on investment.

  1. Relevant
  2. Appropriate
  3. Intelligent
  4. Disruptive

It's just four words, but getting the best out of these methods can be a daunting proposition.

However, our team of experts can walk you through it and help make effective use of each one. Please contact us today to discuss how your next campaign could be the best one ever.

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