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How To Choose An Email Service Provider?

Oct 17 2018

Which email service provider (ESP) your company chooses is an important consideration to make, because it will largely contribute to the...


When is an On-Premise Email Broadcast System Right For My Business?

Oct 17 2018

A consideration for many businesses is whether they should use a SaaS email marketing platform or one which is on-premise. In layman's...


6 Ways to Grow Your List Fast with Email Marketing

Aug 09 2018

We see a lot of momentum with email marketing but it can start to be a drag when our list stops growing. You are reaching out to the same...


Are Emails Relevant For Apps With Push Notifications?

Aug 08 2018

Many application developers wonder whether emails are still a viable form of marketing when push notifications are already enabled. This...


Different Types of Emails You Can Send To Your Prospects

Jul 26 2018

Marketing your business through emails is one of the easiest and affordable ways of maintaining new customers and attracting new prospects....


The Relationship Between Email Subject Lines and Open Rates

Jul 25 2018

It requires time and effort to come up with the perfect 50 to 125-word email copy, which may take about a minute or so to read. However, in...


Three Tips to Optimise Call-To-Action Links in Emails

Jul 19 2018

Emails are one of the best ways to contact your customer base directly. According to the DMA's Consumer Email Tracker Report 2017, 99% of...


Promotional vs Transactional Email: How To Stand Out In A Email Inbox

Jul 12 2018

Email marketing is probably one of the most effective digital marketing techniques out there, but that also makes it incredibly...


Why Should I Use Email Marketing When There Is Social Media?

Jul 05 2018

One of the bigger debates in digital marketing is the use of email versus social media. There are many that argue that social media...