Artificial Intelligence vs Keywords - Which Do You Want?

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Artificial intelligence has fast become a hot topic in tech discussion across the board, and for good reason. Artificial intelligence has the potential to become a gamechanger across industries and sectors when it comes to digital marketing. And there is a reason why companies are becoming more and more willing to invest in this early on.

Why Should I Focus on AI Anyway?

The short answer? It will transform your operations in a long-term, sustainable way.

The long answer? You must focus on artificial intelligence in its early stages in order to really see its long-term value. Companies that are developing their artificial intelligence capabilities are the ones truly driving innovation.

While that might be a long answer, it holds a lot of weight. The truth is, technology is constantly innovating. Marketing operations have a come a long way from their analog ways, but that does not mean that companies can afford to become complacent and fall behind.

In the early days of the tech boom, keyword matching was the first transformative process. It allowed for a new wave of accuracy, drove incredible value, and truly showcased why it was such a good return on investment. Marketing operations became far more efficient without losing quality, and that was a revolutionary time where there was an evergrowing reliance on search engines.

However, over time, new technologies have begun to emerge that could make keyword matching obsolete. While yes, it has its value, but there are also many flaws associated with it. Unfortunately, keyword matching is only able to provide a small fraction of accuracy and value compared to newer technological innovations such as artificial intelligence. The web is evolving, and so are the procedures within it.

Okay, So How Does This Work?

When it comes keyword matching versus artificial intelligence, there really is not much competition. Keywords might have longevity on their side (after all, it has been around for two decades) but artificial intelligence is far more current and relevant. Instead of focusing only on SEO keywords in your marketing strategy, think about customer intent and your website. How can you leverage the evolution of the web to capture the intent of the customer in a meaningful and more sustainable manner?

Artificial intelligence does not stagnate, and that where it provides more value than keyword matching. It is always learning, gaining strength, and that means it is constantly improving its capabilities as it is continually used.

Functions such as machine learning and predictive analytics are part of the greater web evolution, and they can be used to create a laser-focused strategy that is not solely reliant on everchanging search algorithms.

The rise of artificial intelligence signals a new dawn for marketing operations. It is time to retire old way of finding, nurturing and chasing leads. Instead, let the system help you identify the future stars of your brand with increased speed, efficiency, and accuracy - and that is hard to beat.

A winning combination of artificial intelligence and interactive web design can help ensure that you are attracting and retaining customers to drive long-term success for your business.

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