Aligning Web Design Trends with Your Business Needs

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The world of web design is in a constant state of flux. It seems that the minute you have your website put together just the way you want it, a new trend or bit of technology hits the internet and it's back to the drawing board to recreate your website so that it still looks modern and useful.

It's not unusual for a day to come when the average business owner throws up their hands and asks themselves if sticking to the latest website design trends is necessary.

Is it Important to Follow Web Design Trends?

While it's easy to understand how you may get tired of constantly chasing after the latest website design trends, they really are something you should stay on top of. These trends can have a huge impact on your business's bottom line.

There's no denying that your website directly impacts your business's success. Consumers become more tech savvy every single year, and they expect the businesses they depend on for goods and services to be the same. Apart from paying attention to how to market your business on the most popular social media sites and having up to date content, you also need to ensure your website works on the newest handheld electronics, and has SEO that makes use of the algorithms search engines currently employ. Adopting the most up to date technology to provide customers with a safe shopping experience, and use of technology to improve your customer service will make an impact to your business.

Approximately 75% of consumers form a snap judgement about your business based on your web design. If the website looks out of date, visitors will assume your products/services are also behind the times and will take their money to a competitor that has adapted a trendy new web design.

The great thing about working to align your website design to meet current trends is that in doing so, you can often create the perfect online setting that gives you an edge on your competition.

Staying on top of current trends doesn't mean redoing your entire website every other month. Most businesses find that going through the redesigning process every two or three years is sufficient.

3 of 2019's Most Anticipated Web Design Trends

Based on what was hot in 2018, web design experts have a pretty solid idea about the type of trends business owners will want to incorporate into their website during 2019.

Flatter Design

Today's consumer is very busy. The last thing they want to do is wait for a web page to load. The push for faster loading webpages is encouraging designers to focus less on filling web pages with videos and large pictures. In 2019 we expect most websites will have a more minimalistic appearance than what we've seen in the past few years. Flatter designs load faster, but they're also assigned a higher rating by the search engines.

Animated Instead of Stagnant Call-to-Action Links

Animated CTA button to optimise web design

Animated call to action buttons are already popular, which is why we should see more of them in 2019. The animated call to action buttons are a nice touch of whimsy that not only encourage visitors to click on them, but also help enhance the brand image you've worked so hard to cultivate.

The Addition of Hover Effects

Example of hover effects on a websiteConsumers are becoming increasingly shy about clicking links. Even links that look reputable can turn out to be a dangerous bit of spam that led the individual who clicked on it land on scary potential consequences. Hover effects decrease the odds of a customer clicking on a link that connects their computer to a virus. When the customer moves their cursor over an icon with hover ability, they'll get a brief message that details where the link should take them.

Still confused what works best? Let us guide you through the whole website design, web development and conversion optimisation process. We have over 10 years of experience in consulting our customers on what works best according to a diverse set of business needs. 


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