Teneo Technologies was founded in 2004 during the nascent digital era in Malaysia. We have since become a success story, filling the gap in the local digital landscape.  Still, we never lost the spirit of a start-up: eager, imaginative and committed. Today, we have the added advantage of experience, having already served hundreds of local and international clients. We have also developed a robust technology platform called WebLITE to serve our clients. At our core, we provide web and email solutions using our own technology platform called WebLITE.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving, and in keeping up, so do we. We have always put technology at the forefront in solving business challenges; together with our people and strategic partners, we are able to provide and support you at any stage of your digital journey.



We’re more than just one person

We are designers, illustrators, programmers, marketers, analysts, strategic planners, project managers and system administrators. It takes diverse and complementary team members, as well as the right partners, to ensure the success of our projects.

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Building Mutual Success through Partnerships

Strong partnerships are crucial to our business success. They help us enhance the value of our solutions, improve our ability to meet the diverse demands of customers, and also widen our reach into broader markets.

Both our strategic and reseller partners give us the edge, by granting access to the latest technologies as well as complementary solutions and services, and this in turn provides a total solution that is complete and constantly up to date. What cements us together is our shared passion in staying ahead of progress in our respective fields. 

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